Protect your new owners with 5 weeks free insurance

shutterstock_doguedebordeauxWhat could be a better gift to give the puppies you breed and their new owners than the reassurance of 5 weeks free insurance? We recently increased the length of our free puppy cover from four to five weeks, so it’s now one of the longest free periods available.

This means additional peace of mind that each puppy you sell has insurance in place during those crucial first weeks in its new home. For new owners, having five weeks cover really takes the pressure off arranging insurance, ensuring it isn’t forgotten during those first few exciting and often rather hectic weeks!

The free cover also includes access to the Puppy Health Helpline, a fantastic 24/7 service giving instant access to veterinary nurses – a great back-up should you be unavailable and your new owner have a concern.

Once the 5 weeks free is up, if you’re a member of Agria Breeder Club and the new owner continues their policy to full annual cover with Kennel Club Pet Insurance, you’ll also earn valuable Breeder Rewards, paid direct into your breeder account.

Find out more here about 5 weeks free with Kennel Club Pet Insurance, and click here to learn more about the benefits of joining Agria Breeder Club. It’s free and only takes two minutes to join!