The Big Breeder Survey 2015

tiny little kitten and puppy looking at each other. isolated onWe had an incredible response to our Big Breeder Survey! It was fantastic that so many of you (almost 1,300!) took part in telling us a bit more about what motivates you to breed and what you do to help new puppies and their owners start their new lives together.

For those of you who completed the survey online, thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think. Special thanks to those who came to our stand at Crufts to take part, it was lovely to meet you and see some of the faces behind our latest statistics!

So what did the results tell us? Here are some snippets…

  • 38% of you who participated are experienced breeders who have been breeding for more than 15 years.
  • The reason why a huge 70% of you breed is simply because you love the breed of dogs or cats you breed. It’s fantastic to hear that so many of you are so passionate about your breed!
  • Another reason why 52% of you breed is because you compete in showing, agility or obedience training, and the dogs you breed are central to this.
  • We were delighted to find that over 96% of you discuss insurance with owners. Being in such an influential position to educate new owners, it’s really great to hear that such a large proportion of you are talking to them about protecting themselves against vets’ bills.
  • Many of you issue free insurance for new puppies or kittens sold. 79% of you do so to help the welfare of the animal, 79% to give new owners peace of mind and 64% to provide the new owner with knowledge of insurance and healthcare.
  • It’s great to hear that over 65% of you stay in contact with your new owners to see how their new pet is getting on.

As well as helping us to gain such a fascinating insight into your thoughts and motivations around breeding and insurance, completing the Big Breeder Survey also gave you the chance to enter our fantastic prize draw!

bbs winner

Jacquie and Cody to the right

The prize was a luxury hamper worth over £400, with contributions from Barking Heads, YourDog, DogWorld and much more, and our very lucky winner is Jacqueline Rorke from Poole in Dorset!

Mrs Rorke says, “I cannot believe I have won! I am delighted and I am sure my beloved five Irish Setters will enjoy the prizes, even opening the packaging as they love opening presents.

“I always issue my new puppy owners with the free insurance and recommend they continue to insure even after the 5 weeks free as accidents can happen. Puppies can be very silly at times!

bbs winner 2“My dogs are my constant companions Casey is 10 in June. He’s the dog that did the Butchers Superior advertisement on TV, the one who missed the Frisbee! Ronan is 6, Lucy is 4, Jensen is 3 and Cody is 18 months. They are great show dogs as well as doing the London Pet Show and Discover Dogs for the past few years and giving a lot of cuddles to everyone who comes near.”

Many congratulations on winning Jacqueline, it sounds like all of your dogs thoroughly deserve all the goodies inside the hamper. It’s on its way to you!

And many thanks to you all for entering. Your results are vital in helping us to shape our insurance products to fit your needs.

If you’re not already a member of the Agria Breeder Club we’d love you to join (it’s completely free!). As a member you’ll benefit from some great offers and promotions and our Breeder Rewards Scheme, which rewards you for issuing Kennel Club, Agria or GCCF 5 Weeks Free cover for your puppies.

It only takes 2 minutes to enrol, please visit to find out more!


Working with Kennel Club Pet Insurance

We are committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. Your new owners will benefit from:

  • Free access to our Puppy Health Advice Line
  • 5 Weeks Free pet insurance with each of your new puppies
  • Choice of prices and cover if your new owner continues their insurance
  • Lifetime cover as standard on all our annual policies