The cover to diagnose heart-breaking symptoms

Lola and Rossi

Rossi and Lola

Rossi the red Irish Terrier had suffered since puppyhood with episodes of tummy pains and diarrhoea, which frequently left him unable to eat for days on end. Debilitating for Rossi and heart-breaking for his owner, Liesa, Rossi’s vet referred him to specialist vets for further investigation.

Having run several tests on Rossi, the conclusion was that Rossi was suffering with Addison’s disease, which came as a great relief as while unpleasant, was entirely treatable. Sadly for Liesa, this relief was short-lived when an additional problem of cystine stones emerged.

“It was agonising to watch Rossi go through the discomfort of a catheter to help him urinate and then the after pain of the operation to remove the stones, only to be told that they had come back again,” Liesa explains.

Fortunately, the specialist vet used some research from the US to prescribe specific treatment to Rossi which a follow-up scan showed had worked well and dissolved the stones. And now, Rossi is feeling well, for the first time ever!

Liesa says, “If you could see my boy now it is like he has a new lease of life, he bounds around like a puppy again and it is so great to see. Without Kennel Club Pet Insurance the bills may have been more than we could have coped with.

“I also just wanted you to know that the way you handled our claims was fantastic. You never once questioned them, paid them with no extensive paper work and always in a timely manner. You made this very stressful time for us a lot easier and I would recommend your insurance company to anyone. So a big thank you from us and a huge thank you from our gorgeous boy Rossi.”

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